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Gèlami, prepared for quick and easy homemade ice cream

Ideal partner for the production of high quality ice cream.

The innovative UHT process enables you to create ice cream rich in taste in a very quick and easy way; not giving up the quality and the freshness of the product.

The process of high pressure homogenization provides an higher quality than the traditional foundation powder: it increases the stability of the mixture and provides the right spreadability and creaminess in the taste.

Our pasteurized liquid foundations are a convenient and professional way to create a perfect product for the most demanding customers: they are already balanced, free of hydrogenated fats and preservatives and in a few minutes they are ready to turn into ice cream.

Bar, ice cream parlor, restaurant, yogurt, beach resorts, franchise chains - whatever your business, Gèlami will take you step by step in the production of ice cream tailored to your business.

Armed with a broad and deep experience in the ice cream industry, we offer the best support and advice to our customers, to live and to give real emotions of taste.