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Soft ice cream machine with 3 dispensers

Distributore soft
One of the main ingredients of the ice cream is air; without air any ice cream would be hard and cold as a piece of ice. inFact is the air that give to the icecream softness and palatability, gives the sensation of a food creamy and slightly cold, allowing the perception of tastes, even if this dessert is consumed at a negative temperature. In the ice cream is the air that makes it very nice and soft. This ice cream, so soft and creamy, is always fresh, because it is expressly creamed for each single drink.

The machines have higher chilled tanks for mixtures, which feed the freezing cylinders. Lowering the lever, the machine produces and dispenses a soft ice cream and at the same time a new quantity of mixture passes from the tanks to the cylinders, to be transformed into ice cream.

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