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Soft Ice Cream Machine 3 dispensers

Machine with 3 dispensers

One of the main ingredients of ice cream is air; without air any ice cream would be hard and cold as a piece of ice. It is air, in fact, that gives ice cream softness and palatability, gives the pleasant feeling of a creamy and not very cold food, allows the perception of flavors, even if this dessert is consumed at a negative temperature. In soft ice cream, it is the air that makes it very pleasant and soft, that is, soft in English. This ice cream, so soft and creamy, is always fresh, because it is specially whipped for each individual consumption.The machines have refrigerated upper tanks for the mixtures, which feed the whipping cylinders. When the lever is lowered, the machine produces and dispenses soft ice cream, and at the same time a new amount of mixture passes from the tanks to the cylinders to be made into ice cream. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

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